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It's kind of like having your own Cat Country Cable TV site! You can pick and choose which Cat Country videos you want to watch. Just don't ask us which ones to pick ... we like 'em all!

Digital Media and the internet have enabled radio brands like Cat Country to grow bigger than the FM dial. Today, you can be part of Cat Country on your smart phone, iPod, laptop or desk computer. Not only can you listen to our live FM broadcast, but you can follow Cat Country on social media and enjoy all the great video we have been producing over the past few years.

Cat Country 98.1 is the reigning Large Market Radio Station Of The Year - for BOTH the Country Music Association of America (CMA) and the Academy of Country Music (ACM). What a way to celebrate our25th year of being Southern New England's premier destination for country music.

CURRENT EPISODE of this_is_cat_country_bigthe award winning webisode series about life at America's last family owned, stand alone FM radio station in a large media market. Welcome to Providence, Rhode Island ... Welcome to Cat Country ...

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CHRISTMAS 2014 (Narrated by Hunter Hayes) Not everybody at Cat Country loves Christmas. One green Curmudgeon does his best to stop the office holiday party ... and ends up getting his credit rating downgraded.

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To choose which "channel" of Cat Country videos you would like to watch, simply click on the appropriate tile below. If you would like to go to our YouTube channel which contains all of our video footage, click HERE.

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THIS IS CAT COUNTRY is a comedy series about a country music radio station in Providence. It is shot as a "mocumentary" (ala The Office or Modern Family) and follows the adventures of Brian, Amanda and Briget.

Who are all these new country artists you keep hearing about? Before they go on the air, they sign-into the Cat Country Guestbook - hosted by Cat Country 98.1's Meredith Thompson

Cat Country 98.1 covers every country music concert in Southern New England. Here is a collection of some of our favorites from Taylor Swift to Kenny Chesney and Zac Brown. Cat Country Concerts!

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CAT COUNTRY LIVE is our chance to bring you live performances from some of country music's biggest artists playing your favorite songs.

CAT COUNTRY IN THE COMMUNITY is our chance to showcase great things going on in Southern New England.

KISSING THE RING allows new country music artists - many just signed to a deal - to come to Providence and earn your respect.

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CAT COUNTRY ON TV Who has a "face for radio?" Not these people. Cat Country personalites are regulars on local TV, stadium jumbotrons and more.

CAT COUNTRY shoots video at almost every event - and sometimes around the studio. These are the ones unclassifiably good!

Cat Country KIDS is a chance for our Country Music artists to make new little fans. Here is a collection of artists singing "Old MacDonald's Farm"

"This is Cat Country" is a webisode comedy show about a country music radio station in Providence, Rhode Island. The show is produced by Bob Walker Media (Bob_W_Media) at